Mother’s Day

[What better time to make a Mother’s Day post than a few weeks away from Father’s Day, right?  Lol.  This is basically a repost of my Facebook status from May 10th]

I realize that I am super late in the 5-Day Bible verse challenge that A.Su tagged me in, but better late than never, right? Here’s day 2 of 5.  🙂

I really hope people, mostly my relatives, don’t take this the wrong way. This isn’t me trying to air dirty laundry or disrespect my mom. This is me trying to be real about the reality of human relationships made messy by our brokenness and sin nature; but, more importantly, this is about the abundant redemption God offers, and is working out so beautifully, when we come to Him. God doesn’t call us to pretend that everything is alright all the time, or to put on a show just because it’s “the day” on the calendar for it. His strength is magnified in our weakness as He sustains us and works in our lives.

My mom is an amazing woman in many, many ways. One of these days I’ll write something that details just a fraction of how much God has worked through her to bless not only our family, but others as well.

But at the same time, I can’t help but say that there were, and still are, times when Psalm 27:10 was/is my life preserver, keeping me afloat when our relationship was/is turbulent and unhealthy.

“When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up.”

For a long time I chose to take this to mean that I could just cling to the Lord and then push my mom away. But more and more I am being challenged to see this as a directive for me to take whatever pain, confusion, rage, disappointment, frustration, etc. that I have towards her to the Lord, and to allow Him to heal my heart and mind so that I might continue to choose to love as sacrificially as He loves me. He is so patient towards me. He always forgives. If I call myself a Christian by His name, shouldn’t I do the same?

This is, of course, so much easier typed than enacted. And I realize that the things that have happened between my mom and I are probably not as intense as what other people have gone through with their own mothers.

It really warms my heart to see all of you posting such beautiful photos and moving tributes to your mothers, wives, sisters, etc. I myself just got back from a great dinner with my mom where we were able to share and laugh together as a whole family.

But I want to make space to acknowledge those for whom Mother’s Day is not so rosy, so filled with warmth. I’ve certainly had my years where that was the case; and, after reading PostSecret, I know I’m not the only one –

In my experience, the deepest and most searing hurt I’ve ever felt comes from the rifts I’ve had in my relationship with my mom.

So to those who are still in the middle of this and struggling, I pray that there are people in your life who just love on you until you can’t nearly stand it. May there be people in your life who can just listen and not judge, who can encourage you to forgive and love for your good and personal freedom, but just be patient and not preachy with you because it is such an arduous process with no promised ending. May you have shoulders to lean and cry on, people to laugh with and who bring sweetness into your life.

And for the mothers who act out of their own hurt, may there be healing, too. May their lives be filled with love that they might overflow and love out of the abundance.

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone.


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