Five Favorites (Vol. 5)

Five Favorites, hosted at

1. My New Officemate

Last Tuesday, one of my coworkers came by with the Chun Li Hello Kitty that you see above.  As it turns out, his girlfriend is a fellow HK-lover and she asked a friend of hers to grab that for me at a recent gaming convention.  Such a sweet, generous gesture!  Total solidarity among HK fans!


2. Clinique

My boss, G, loves Clinique and will go to Macy’s every so often during lunch to pick something up.  At times, they have special bonus offers going on and she’ll bring back the cute little sample gifts (like what’s pictured above) for me.  I’ve used some of their cleansers and lotions in the past, and I really like how gentle their products are on the skin.  And how bright and cheery their packaging is!


3. Easter at The Office

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Last Thursday, I was greeted by a festive basket of assorted candy when I walked into the kitchen on my floor.  After I opened Outlook, I saw the cute email alert pictured above.  I joked with some coworkers about spending most of the day hunting for eggs, but it didn’t actually take that long.  😉


[NOTE: So I guess this volume of Five Favorites will be office-related.

That wasn’t my original intent, but I feel inspired now.]


4. AM View from the Kitchen

Good Morning, SF!

I know.  Woah.  Back in January, I got to the office at an unheard of 7 AM.  I remember berating myself for not forcing myself to go back for at least another hour of sleep, but watching the sunrise with a hot cup of tea in my hand made it so, so worth it.


5. PM View of Downtown SF

Goodnight, SF!

Goodnight, SF!

When I first visited The Office last year, I remember falling head over heels for the views of San Francisco that the huge glass windows on various floors afforded.  After I finished testing, and was escorted to the elevator, I remember saying prayer after prayer for God to open a door for me to work in such a lovely place.  Little did I know, though, that as great as the views still are (they haven’t grown old!), they’re nothing compared to the beauty apparent in the kindness of my boss and coworkers.